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Welcome to Trust Wallet Community Page!

Trust Wallet is the Global Crypto App enabling users to send and receive Bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum, and other Cryptocurrencies. We launched in October 2017 as a means to store Ethereum tokens obtained during the ICO craze, combined with excellent user experience. Our App has now helped Thousands of Trusteers transact in over 20+ different Cryptocurrencies.

Trust is aimed at the global citizen; our end goal is to become the only Wallet you need to manage and move Crypto globally. To achieve this, we need your help! Along our journey, we’ve learned that customer feedback is essential to building a truly innovative product, and just how great our community is at helping each other out. Every decision we make as a company is to improve our product and user experience, which in turn helps it to grow itself.

Therefore, we’ve created this page for you to chat about any questions, feedback, or ideas you have about Trust Wallet. We want to know: what features you need, the coins you’re desperate for, your vision of a decentralized future, and any issues you’ve encountered!

Please note, while the Trust Team will have an active role within the forum, this isn’t a place for customer support. For problems relating to privacy concerns, please contact us via our Support Form 3.7k.


This is an error Trust wallet displays for the multi-signature enabled wallet when trying to send crypto. It means you need to sign the transaction from another associated wallet/s to make a successful transaction. It won’t be possible to make a transaction with a single signature.


To fix it, A user must sign transactions from multiple wallets associated with the multi-signature wallet. Suppose you have a wallet consisting of 3 wallets and two signs. You need two private keys at least to manage the crypto of your multi-sig wallet.


Scammers are spreading multi-sig enabled wallets all over social media to scam people. They share only one private key of a multi-sig wallet with some crypto while keeping the other private keys. So nobody can transfer the funds. Their main intention is to take cryptos that people deposit to pay transaction fees. Unaware of this scam, many users fail for it and lose money.